The Concept of Time in the Holy Quran

Hawarey, Mosab

The book of Islam; the Holy Quran, mentions the concept of time in many places, in different contexts, and from various perspectives. In chapter 70, verse 4: "(Whereby) the angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day whereof the span is fifty thousand years." In chapter 32, verse 5: "He directeth the ordinance from the heaven unto the earth; then it ascendeth unto Him in a Day, whereof the measure is a thousand years of that ye reckon.", and in chapter 22, verse 47: "And they will bid thee hasten on the Doom, and Allah faileth not His promise, but lo! a Day with Allah is as a thousand years of what ye reckon." Not only that, but there are whole chapters that are named after times: chapter 62 "Friday", chapter 89 "The Dawn", chapter 92 "The Night", chapter 93 "The Morn", chapter 103 "The Declining Day", and chapter 113 "The Daybreak".

In this presentation, we shall list where and how the concept of time is mentioned in the Holy Quran, and try to understand the meanings, especially when it comes to what might seem to be contradictions, in light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

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