Requested Oral Presentations

12-4 Harris, Brooks Common Calendar Timescale
06-3 Allen, Steve From computer time to legal civil time: IANA tz, IETF tzdist, etc.
15-1 ARIAS, Felicitas New technologies and future of time keeping
14-3 Bastian, Michelle Liberating Clocks: Rethinking the potential of clock-time for social life
11-2 Combrinck, Ludwig Aspects of time as it relates to Space Geodesy
06-2 Craig, Donald Time in Television Systems
12-2 Dick, Wolfgang How to talk popular about the leap second? The experience of the IERS Central Bureau
10-1 Easton, Richard Time Synchronization and the Origins of GPS
12-3 Frankston, Bob The leap second should not be commingled with the time we use for appointments.
12-1 Gabor, Paul The Leap Second Debate: Rational Arguments vs. Unspoken Unease
10-2 Grindlay, Jonathan DASCH for Days to Decades Time Domain Astronomy
04-2 Hawarey, Mosab The Concept of Time in the Holy Quran
02-2 Hoffmann, Susanne Measuring time and the development of coordinate systems in ancient Babylonia and Greece
07-3 Ido, Tetsuya Time scales steered by an optical clocks
02-3 Nelmes, Susan Changing Times in The Nautical Almanac Over 250 Years
03-2 Parsons, Geoff The Development and Use of the Pilkington and Gibbs Heliochronometer and Sol Horometer
03-3 Schechner, Sara These Are Not Your Motherís Sundials: Or, Time and Astronomyís Authority
13-2 Seaman, Rob Keeping Time with the Asteroids
04-3 Tiede, Vance Stonehenge & Timing Typhon
14-1 Wiley, Daniel Time-Critical: Contesting the Measure of the Now